Korean Singer Sandara Park (Dara)

Born on November 12, 1984, Sandara Park, also commonly known as Dara, is a singer and a member of the popular South Korean girl group, 2NE1, with Park Bom. Dara has an oval shaped face, that means she can wear almost any kinds of hairstyles she wants. From short hairstyles to long hairstyles, she does not have to worry if her hairstyle will have to balance out her facial features. For instance, she often wears all the way tied hairstyles, without any signs of fringes or sides. It is because she does not have to soften up broad chins or narrow foreheads. In a way her hairstyle gives her a cute and wild style at the same time.

Now, with Dara wearing a long lengthed hairstyle, she possesses a much lady and gorgeous atmosphere. Compared to her usual short tied up hairstyles, those hairstyles make her a cool yet wild singer. Of course, her long hairstyle definitely fits her perfectly, since she has an oval shaped face.

As you can see, Dara also looks cute aside from "wild" with her tied up hairstyles. Her cute yet wild personality is one of the reasons why her fans go wild.

In other words, Dara looks hot!
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Korean singer Jung Soo-Yeon (Jessica)

Born on April 18, 1989, Jung Soo-Yeon, most commonly known as Jessica, is a member of the popular South Korean girl group, SNSD (Girl's Generation); the group Taeyeon and Sunny are in. Amazing nine member girl group with awesome hit songs!! As you can see, Jessica has quite a Diamond Shaped Face, meaning that she has a narrow chin with narrow forehead. In that case, she tends to wear medium length hairstyles to long hairstyles.

Notice that Jessica tends to wear pretty heavy volumed hairstyles, with long tight fringes, covering up her forehead. That technique softens up her narrow forehead. Hence, it makes it look like an oval shaped face.

Jessica loves to play around with different hair colours. Her dyed hairstyles in addition to her beautiful figure makes her extremely gorgeous. Her hairstyles that lack fringe gives her a wilder look. With fringes she looks even more cute than she is already.

As you can see again, Jessica frequently wears hairstyles that contain heavy fringes. One could say heavy fringes gives a girl the cuter charisma.
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